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Easy Net Switch enables you to automatically select correct IP address, drive mappings, default
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Easy Net Switch
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2 July 2007

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Do you use your computer at different networks or locations?
Easy Net Switch enables you to automatically select correct IP address, drive mappings, default printer and much more with a single click. It's not only an IP switcher, but also a handy tool that helps you to use your computer at multiple networks more easier!
Easy Net Switch is a powerful and easy to use program which stores network and Internet configuration settings into location profiles. By switching between location profiles, you can quickly and easily connect to a network without having to manually re-configure settings each time.
Why need Easy Net Switch? The answer is simple: "It will save your time and energy!".
The advantages of Easy Net Switch compare with others:
1) Lightweight, efficiency and stable,
Small file size and memory usage, never slow down your computer. Extremly fast speed to activate a profile, and no reboot required!
2) Flexiable and easy to use,
Change proxy frequently? Or only want to map the network drivers automaticlly? With Easy Net Switch, you can create the most flexiable profiles for different purpose.
3) View IP address on the desktop wallpaper,
With it's buildin DKInfo™ engine, you don't need to "dig" for the current IP address, default gateway and DNS server any more, just look at your desktop.
4) Free buildin network tools,
Tools with easy to use GUI can help you to diagnose your possiable network problems. Including IPConfig, Ping, traceroute and much more.
5) Capture current network settings,
By clicking a button, your current computer's configuration will be imported into a profile automatically. Your can share or use it again anytime.
6) Intelligent profile export and import wizard,
Using the "best match" approach, you can easily backup, restore or share the profiles with others.

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